Streaming lag to (Ubiquity NVR)

  • I'm looking for some next step troubleshooting advice based on the following problem.  My only remaining thought would be to build a fresh pfsense config and test the connection to upon each new configuration addition until I find out what is breaking this.

    Any help MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

    1. Ubiquity NVR is hosted at restaurant
    2. Remote connectivity is done through Ubiquity's WEBRtc over ssl at
    3. There are 5 cameras and a live feed to a single camera seems to maintain a solid connection
    4.  A live view shows all 5 cameras at once in a single browser window, this is the view where I see an issue

    • The feeds may begin fine, eventually they all start to lag then just freeze up entirely
    • according to the traffic graph in pfsense, with 5 cameras i'm never exceeding 1.5 Mbits

    Troubleshooting thus far.
    1. Verizon FIOS ISP with 150/150
    2. Firewall, nothing is blocked
    3. No errors in the system log that I can see.
    4.  Direct connection from Laptop to FIOS Ont, NO ISSUES at all, there is no lag no problems, so the problem is not my Verizon Fios connection
    5.  Direct connection to LAN port on PFsense, SAME ISSUES occur.  There is continuous lag and freezing.  This means that the problem does not lie on any downstream switches or cabling
    6.  Tried on different computers, phones through app, all experience the same laggy issues.
    7.  The only packages that I have installed are acme, haproxy, openvpn-client-export
    8.  I have 4 VLAN interfaces, openvpn, one LAN port and one WAN port


  • An update…not that any one has replied yet.

    I did a test.  Installed a clean pfsense build on a new hard drive.  Only configured WAN and LAN.

    Issue was the same.  This means that it has nothing to do with any of my configurations, out of the box there is something weird happening.

    The only other thing...that I have not a completely different box...but I just cannot imagine that this is the problem.  This resources are nothing on this box.


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