SG-1000 rebooting spontaneously; overheating?

  • I have an SG-1000 that reboots itself at least every day and sometimes after just a few minutes of uptime. There is no crash report or anything on the console; it just resets itself without warning.

    In this post on the SG-1000 sticky thread, the author describes improving stability by orienting the device vertically to improve cooling. My device is already positioned vertically, mounted to a wall. The environment is typically 70-80°F, depending on how well the air conditioner can keep up with Houston weather—I would hope this unit can handle these conditions.

    According to sysctl -a | grep temperature, the CPU is running at up to 75°C (167°F). According to this tweet thread, however, this sensor is not accurate enough to be useful. Is there any way to get at the temperature of the device?

    It's connected to a UPS and seems to have stable power. There are no wiring faults I can identify. It's a small setup at a remote location; everything on the network happens to be connected to the same AC circuit.

    Is it worth trying to rig up some sort of fan, or should I be looking for issues elsewhere?

  • I gave it some airflow assistance with a 4-inch USB fan, and it has been stable now since yesterday. Heat dissipation could indeed be an issue with these units.

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