• I'm trying to setup pfsense 2.3 to turn off my laptop monitor when i close the lid (nothing in bios to enable that).  I tried loading acpi_video but seems its missing.  Beyond pulling from another freebsd install, any ideas?

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    We don't build anything in for that, you'd have to grab the module from a similar vintage install of FreeBSD (e.g. FreeBSD 10.3 for 2.3.x)

  • On FreeBSD I use sysctl.conf to hold these settings related to power and the lid:

    sysctl hw.acpi.lid_switch_state=S3

  • Yes it appears this would work. Pick your desired power state and add to /etc/sysctl.conf
    From pfSense Diagnosics > Command Prompt > Execute Shell Command:

    sysctl hw.acpi.lid_switch_state

    Shell Output - sysctl hw.acpi.lid_switch_state

    hw.acpi.lid_switch_state: NONE

    So the default is NONE. You can change it dynamically from the command prompt:
    sysctl hw.acpi.lid_switch_state=S3

    To make permanent create /etc/sysctl.conf

  • I also see you can use System Tunables and add the sysctl.

    On menu under System >Advanced >System Tunables
    Pick 'add' and use hw.acpi.lid_switch_state as the tunable and desired Power State as 'value'

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