Ubuntu box on both wired and wifi networks troubles

  • This is not related to pfSense.

    I have an ubuntu 16/04 box and when I connect it to both wired and wifi networks it bacomes inaccessible to ping (for example).
    As soon as I disconnect wifi it works fine.

    I tried editing routes but si far unsuccessfully.

    Ths in advance for your help@!

  • Some description of your network might help, as my crystal ball is in the shop at the moment.

  • Not that my network is a secret, but I think it’s irrelevant.
    Here is a use case.

    Ubuntu box connected wired - other boxes on LAN can ping it
    Ubuntu box connected wired + WiFi  - other boxes on LAN can not ping it

    Thx for your help!

  • Well, have you fired up Wireshark on the Ubuntu box, to see if the pings are received?  Any replies?

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