How to rename certificates?

  • Hi,

    I want to rename a openvpn-server and its certificates. Renaming openvpn-server and ca ist no problem. How to rename the certificates? (System –> Certificate Manager --> Certificates)


  • Certificates can't be 'renamed' … you have to create a new certificate from scratch with the correct name in the CSR (certificate signing request).

  • Yes, the common-name (cn) can not be changed. What I mean is the "Descriptive name" in the first column of the certificate-list. Are you sure it can not be changed?

    Maybe a solution is to add a user defined comment-field. At the moment I have cert-chaos. I have multiple openvpn servers. Some of them now are used for different porpurse, so I want to rename them. For example ovpn-server_s2s-rdp to ovpn-server_s2s-rdp-and-somethingelse. And I want to use a new name scheme. I am stuck at the names I chose at the beginning. :(

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your just wanting to edit the descriptive name like you can do with the CA's

    Could prob put that in as a feature request.. Simple work around would be to just export the cert, then reimport it using a different descriptive name.

  • "Your just wanting to edit the descriptive name…" Yes :)

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