DHCP Response Not forwarded to WIFI client on Bridge Network

  • Let me provide some information on the set up. There are two bridged network each with a wired vlan and an AP (Access Poiint) The one vlan, using WPA-Personal, and a local DHCP server, i.e on pfSesnem can authenticate and login properly.

    The 2nd bridge, where there is a problem has a wifi AP that authenticates to a radius server sitting on the wired vlan which is also part of the bridge. From watching the output of freeradius I can see the client authenticate successfully. I can then see the dhcp/bootp request from the client arrive on the AP interface on pfSense and I can see it reaching the DHCP server on the wired vlan.

    It should be noted that both APs are on the same Wifi card.

    I can see the DHCP server responding but the response never reaches the WLAN AP interface and hence the wifi client cannot access the network. The only difference besides the one vlan being tagged and the other untagged, which I don't think is the issue, is that the first bridge has the DHCP server running on pfSense and the 2nd does not.

    There does not appear to be a routing issue as the radius authentication happens just fine. I suspect its a firewall issue but I looked and both the APN interface and the VLAN interface of both bridges have the same rules. I tried adding rules to allow all traffic on the vlan and APN interface but this made no difference and I can understand why since the interfaces are bridged.

    Not sure where to look for the forwarding rul or how to troubleshoot further. The only other issue could be the vlan tagging as mentioned. Any ideas?

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