Three networks question.

  • I am new to networking and hope to get some help here. I am trying to set up the following network:

    [Verizon FIOS ONT]–-[pfSense]–->[]–-[Corp. network]
                          \  \–----->[]–-[24 security cameras]
                            \–-------------[]–-[Express VPN]

    Currently I have Sonicwall (corp network/cameras) and ASUS 68P (cascading from Sonicwall) running Tomato firmware. Everything is running great, but I'd like to migrate my current set up to pfSense platform.

    I've got J1900 mini PC with pfSense installed, but I am confused about how to achive my set up using pfSense)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • please clarify what you wish to achieve … don't try this with ascii-art, draw a proper schematic.

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