80-100 users of captive portal and freeradius is hardware enough [closed]

  • Is my hardware enough to manage 100 users because i think i am having performance issues. I have freeRadius2 installed and running. Using pfsense to manage wifi for a campus, 80 to 100 users.

    I have a IBM thinkcenter MT-M 6087:
    core 2 duo  E4400 @ 2.00GHz
    3GB ram DDR2
    80GB HDD
    HP NC364T PCI Express Quad Port Nic
    and a Onboard intel Nic

    Packages Installed:
    Service watchdog

    I have a HPz200 workstation.
    I am seeking some advice because sometimes clients on my network can't get internet access and I have to reboot the firewall (pfsense). So I was wondering if this is a hardware issue being that the system is not powerful enough for 80-100 clients.

    Need some advice if I should use the HP z200 Workstation instead of the IBM.

  • Still here waiting for some advice

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    An ALIX could do 80-100 captive portal users as long as the bandwidth was less than 80Mbit/s.

    That should do fine but if every CP user is expecting gigabit that might not be the case.

    Total states and total bandwidth. CP users doesn't really matter.

    You need to see exactly what the failure really is. Look at the portal auth logs, dhcp logs, etc.

    Get with one of your users that is not working and see:

    Can they resolve names
    What happens if they try to open something like in a browser.
    What is the actual nature of their failure.

    I doubt it is a capacity issue.

  • Thanks for replying. See attached pic. I am getting alot of those, concurrent login.

  • Perhaps you are running an AP in router-mode instead of bridge?

  • I have some nexxt router but I disabled dhcp, and use the regular ports on it rather than the wan port to turn it into an access point. Had no issues with it when I initially started.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It still might be a problem with your radios and the number of simultaneous associations they can handle.

    Router or bridge mode shouldn't matter that much.

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