Wake on Lan (WOL) Appears to be broken.

  • Hello all,
    Im using this version.
    built on Tue Oct 28 12:24:10 EDT 2008
    FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p5

    It appears that when using the built in WOL utility with PF-sense my remote system is not waking up. I have also tested using this tool, http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_type/utilities/magic_pkt.exe (AMD PCnet Magic Packet Utility). It appears to be working just fine to wake up my remote host.

    I know that the MAC i am sending to is correct.
    Is anyone else successfully using WOL with a similar version?


  • I use my 2.0 box to wake up my laptop all the time when the cat closes the case.   Had to do it this week.

    Can you get a tcpdump diff between the two?

    PS: 1.3 is now 2.0 for quite a while, please upgrade.

    EDIT: it's all the cats fault when the case closes

  • I see that it has been out for a while. Ive upgraded to 2.0 just now and im still seeing the same issues.
    Ill do a packet capture on it tonight when i get home.



  • Responding to this old ticket because I am also having trouble with wol.

    Tested using
    2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Sat Aug 22 01:39:53 UTC 2009 FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3 nanobsd
    2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Sat Jul 25 23:59:13 EDT 2009 FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p2 full install

    I will test with a more recent snapshot as soon as I can.

    Problem 1, there was a typo in the wake all section that was giving an error.
    "Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /usr/local/www/services_wol.php on line 53"
    I have a pending merge request to fix that, it is a little typo with a $ in front of a function name.

    Problem 2, the wol command wasn't even on either of those images.  No wol command under /usr/local/bin.  Because the webgui doesn't give any feedback on the execution of the wol command, I only just realized that was the problem.  I created another patch to add some checks to services_wol.php so that the user is notified if the wol command doesn't work.

    Just wanted to give others a heads up if they notice this also.

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