PRIQ, GUI Bug error maybe? 0-7 or is it 1-7?

  • I have read a couple places that PRIQ will support 15 buckets? however the GUI says 0-7 which would be a total of 8 buckets,

    I however cannot set more than 7 buckets, if I set the priority higher than 7 it displays: "Please select a value that is no more than 7."

    However if I set the priority to 0, the web UI will attempt to save it, BUT it really just clears the value, which the default is currently set as 1, so the value becomes 1 even though I set it to 0. Then the Dashboard throws an error that 2 queues have the same priority of 1.

    If PRIQ can truly support 8 buckets, then shouldn't the default for PRIQ be 0 instead of 1? then I don't think I would be having this problem.

    I currently use PRIQ shaper and set all children to use "Codel Active Queue" instead of "Explicit Congestion Notification"

    This accomplishes two things, first the important things get the priority they need, and two, by using "Codel Active Queue" on ALL children of the PRIQ shaper, it completely elliminates buffer bloat, I get an A on the buffer bloat test at dslreports:

    I am finding myself wishing I had more buckets, even if all I can get is one more bucket, however the more the merrier.

    So if PRIQ can indeed support 8 buckets total, it would be awesome if somebody could figure out this if its a bug.

  • On the general topic, ff you're looking to reduce bufferbloat, you can look on the forums about how to use Limiters with fq_Codel or use the "FairQ" traffic shaper and set the default queue to be Codel. I have seen several who have claimed to have great success with this with little effort.

    PRIQ is actually difficult to do correctly. It can cause bandwidth starvation and other strange issues. It has a great typical case, but the corner cases can make you think something else is wrong.

  • Have had pfsense using PRIQ for over a year, luckily we have not ran into any of the corner cases, but our network is only a small home network.(I can definitely see where PRIQ could cause issues on larger networks.) It has also kept all the buffer bloat in check with this setup. What I have loved about PRIQ is that the important things ALWAYS get the bandwidth they need, no matter what, it has been wonderful.

    I am really curious as to whether or not PRIQ can support 8 buckets, I may try to dig into the code and see if I can change the default value from 1 to 0 and see if that allows me another bucket. Just have to find the right file to edit.

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