G4400 or Core i5

  • My use case is a small office with at about 15 devices connected at any time with a max of around 23.

    The connection is 150Mbps down and I think 20Mbps up.

    My build includes a Pentium G4400 however im concerned that it wont be able to cope when I start adding in packages (Squid, SquidGuard, Snort and ClamAV).

    The alternative would be to get an Core i5 , possibly a 7400 which would still make my build cheaper than buying a SG-2440 or SG-4860 which I dont think would be able to cope well to begin with.

    So would the G4400 be okay or should I go for the i5?

  • Netgate Administrator

    There are a lot of variables here but….  I wouldn't expect any of those to have any issues at 150Mbps, including the SG-4860.

    The only way you would get close to the limit there is with VPN, probably only with OpenVPN. Though maybe if you ran Snort and Squid and IPSec you might run out of cycles.


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