Pfsense load balancing redirect

  • Hi everybody

    I have a problem with pfsense load balancing service, which makes incorrect redirects.

    I try to explain: we use the pfsense to divide the network load between 4 webservers.

    Webservers are removed and then re-added from the balance when we make the code releases of our applications.

    From the latest release of Pfsense (2.3.4 release p1), something strange happens: some users are redirected to an url that should not exist. For example, if the application has the address some people are referred to the url The only way to resolve it is to empty the client side browser cache.

    Port 1449 is the port we chose for the Pfsense Management Interface, which on WAN is closed by a firewall rule.

    To remove servers from the balance we use the screen that is in status => load balancer, flagging or deflating servers from time to time.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  • Hi everybody,
    Someone have an idea to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance