H270N-Wifi install: 2nd nic not showing up

  • Hi,
      This is my first hardware install with pfsense (latest version 2.4.0).  I get only one of the two intel gigabit nics showing up on the Gigabyte H270N-Wifi motherboard.  It shows up as igb0 and looks good.  There is also an em0, but no igb1.  Has anyone had luck with this?

  • Hi,

    Stop the system.
    Change NIC card  for the other one.
    It works ?

    Also : start system. use de 'dmesg' command on the line command. The NIC's get detected ? Both times (installed the first, installed the second) ?

  • @Gertjan, the NIC's are built in, do you can't swap them out.

    @bogon - I believe the NIC's are different, and pfSense only includes support for one of them, hence why you only see one. As Gertjan suggests you need to check if both NIC's are detected.

    I had this board some time ago and had the same issue, so I installed VMWare and then pfSense, although VMware didn't support both NICs either :) but there are instructions out there to overcome this and it's possible that VMWare does support both NIC's now.

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    Eh? So, you have two ports and two intefaces (igb0, em0). What other nonexistent NIC are you expecting to show up?

  • you see those two gold ports above the DVI? That's where the onboard wireless (WiFi) connects to the external aerial. If you look at an internal picture of the mobo you'll see the onboard wireless.

    When I used this board, (if I remember correctly) igb0 was one of the NIC's, the em0 was wifi.

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    No, neither em0 nor igb0 are wifi. Those are the RJ45 ports. And whatever WiFi on there is like 99.99999% unsupported in FreeBSD.

  • Mmmm….. Interesting. I wonder WTF I did then, I'm sure I didn't hallucinate ! I wish I still had the board to try it again