Dynamic DNS multi-WAN dedect IP address of default gateway alwalys

  • We have a multi-wan environment with following situation:

    Main-WAN (If WAN, static IP address, main interface, default route)
    Second-WAN (If OPTx, dynamic IP address, redundant fallback interface)

    We tried to setup a dynamic DNS for second WAN which isn't the default gateway. We entered second WAN as "Interface to monitor" in "Dynamic Client".

    Unfortunately the address check service (http://checkip.dyndns.org) ignores the monitoring interface and uses default gateway always. Therefore it updates the address of Main-WAN always. We tried to enter a static route of dyndns's ip address to the gateway of second WAN. It' ignored either. To setup a firewall rule with the correct gateway isn't possible because the check service is an internal service which doesn't a pass a rule.


    • Is this a bug?
    • What can I do to obtain the IP address of second WAN without switching the default gateway.?


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