New Jetway fanless i5 - 6 lan

  • Looks pretty neat

    Jetway JBC385 Fanless Barebones Mini PC with Intel i5-6300U processor with AES-NI, 6x Intel Gigabit LAN, 2x Display Port, 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, GPIO, Serial Port and Wall mounting bracket included. Barebones unit - simply add 1 or 2 sticks of DDR4 SODIMM memory, an mSATA and/or a SATA drive to complete the internals of the JBC385.

    Too bad it's crazy expensive compared to Qotom


  • I got the same ad in the mail ;-) But yeah, too bad it's so expensive compared to the cheap box. I wonder if we could strip out AMT/Intel ME, since it's known to have security issues.

    I have to say the Jetway NF551 mainboard they use probably gets more in the way of trust from me than what Qotom is cooking up in their china labs. Then again, Jetway is in Taiwan and some say Taiwan is china anyway…

  • I'm not worried about the Qotom quality , it seems quite ok.

    But i'd like a passively cooled "fast & low TDP" i5 , that's able to take 32GB Ram.
    I'd like to play with ESX, really no need for multi lan here.

    The kaby/sky HT error prevents me from buying a "China" ,as this is supposed to be fixed in microcode (Bios).

    And i don't trust CN to be honest about if their bios have the fix.


  • I wish we had coreboot for Qotom.

  • Too bad it's crazy expensive compared to Qotom

    $759 at Walmart!

    Supermicro SYS-E300-8D ~670 €
    Supermicro SYS-E200-8D ~820 €

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