Routing Upload and Download through two seperate WAN connections

  • I was looking to route specific computers or preferably type of traffic through one WAN and default the rest through the other WAN.

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    Huh??  You do understand that when you download from X your going to be uploading your ACKS as well to that server.. Its not a one way stream of traffic..

    If you sent your replies through a different wan, and therefore a different IP it would not work.. Now if you download via http/https and upload via sftp, or the OLD and depreciated ftp or ftps and or say webdav then sure you could route this traffic via different paths.

  • I think he meant:

    His son is unsing his computer and should only get the slow connections for his por.. ponys.
    His (TO) computer should get the highspeed connection.
    Yes this is easily possible.
    Firewall->Rules->Lan-> create new rule
    Interface is Lan; Source is the ip of the specific computer;  under advanced you set the gateway (WAN1/Wan2 and so on)

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    He changed his post from his original question..  Yes what he asked now is easy peasy..