• Hi guys help! what is the best switch with vlan in the market now?

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    hehehe??  Yeah the 9500 series are pretty nice ;)

    What kind of budget are you thinking dandadea1?

    < 100, 200 - less than 300? what?  You won the lottery and are getting a 9500? ;)

    You could get something for like 30$, or you could spend a few hundred.. Depend on how many ports - what feature set.. Just need vlans or do you want some more bells and whistles?  You can get a cisco sg300 for like $130 amazon 10 port - full featured, can even do L3 not just L2..  There is the cisco sg200 line as well.

    It really comes down to your budget and what you want/need in features other than vlans..

  • I use a little 5-port TP-Link TL-SG105E East Smart Switch:


    They're $30-40.

  • heper is right  a 93xx or 95xx is "prob best" , but costs $$ and is noisy.
    I could have done my homelan w. Old Cisco's for "free" 3560's , but the electricity bill and noise would kill me (or SWMOB) would.

    I chose Gb capable fanless switches with a "low" power usage.

    Cheap :

    Feature rich:
    Linksys LGS308

    Stable w. good support
    HP 1820-8G

    Prob all of the above…  (Don't know if it's fanless)
    Cisco SG300-10

    I have the first 3 here , and i use the HP's in the "Backbone" , and the Dlink or Linksys'es scattered around where needed..

    I have a TP-LINK TL-SG108E - But don't use it due to the Vlan1 issues , replaced it with the Dlink instead


  • @KOM:

    I use a little 5-port … Switch

    Good to know.
    OP asked about "the best with VLAN" that's out there, not the cheapest. Slight difference, maybe?  ;)

  • @jahonix:

    OP asked about "the best with VLAN" that's out there, not the cheapest. Slight difference, maybe?  ;)

    Do you really think that he meant "best" as in price doesn't matter ??

    Then i'd like to throw in the Cisco Nexus 5548UP, they run very well in a VPC setup  ;)
    I have a set on the Job, efficient bastards , that doesn't take up much room.


  • Just note that Cisco SG300 series is End-of-Sale (NOT End-of-Life!). You might grab them cheap now, just hunted two for an ongoing project.
    The successor is supposed to be the SG350 series.
    I know that the main SG300 site still lists this series as unannounced E-o-S but I've recently seen documents were all but 3 models from this series were taken down. Two of my suppliers don't even stock them anymore.


    Do you really think that he meant "best" as in price doesn't matter ??

    I don't know what he meant.
    And sometimes I'm in the mood to banter other longtime forum members a bit.
    Don't take this too seriously

  • Banned

    You might try one of these:

  • Well, a Cisco Nexus 7710 fits the bill.

  • Thanks for all of the advise Sir's =)

    Just want to share my setup Pf sense + Access point Network System


    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V
    Ram - Crucial Sodimm 4GB Low Voltage
    Power Supply - Corsair VS450
    HDD - Seagate 80GB
    Casing - Techware Qube ITX Case
    Lan Card - Intel 2 port Gigabit Ethernet LAN Expansion Card

    Access Point - Unifi AC Pro

    What do you think Guys ? =)

    Thanks All and God Speed =)

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    So do you have some sort of budget in mind?  And we can suggests some switches that will allow you to do vlans that fall within your budget.. Do you require/want a cli access to the switch.. Other than vlans is there any sort of other feature you would want/need?  IGMP snooping?  Private vlans? Port security? etc..

    Best you can get for under 100, 200, 300 - what is the upper limit your willing to spend?  Since you have unifi AP, are you wanting POE support on this switch?  How many ports are you wanting/needing?  Are you going to add more POE devices?  Cameras, phones, etc..

    Do you have any brands that you like over another?  Do you have some hate for specific brands?  If you like your unifi AP, they do make switches that are pretty reasonable in price for their feature sets, etc.

    "HDD - Seagate 80GB "

    I am guessing you meant SSD here?  Since a 80GB HDD is going to be OLD as the freaking hills ;) hehehe  They don't make hard disks with platters that small these days..

  • Since we are talking about switches please recommend me one model/brand that have at least one port for fiber optic and minimum 6 Ethernet since one of my provider at home want to switch from Ethernet connections to fiber optic and I think it is better to buy a switch than a media converter.
    I have no problems with used equipments because of the price… I seen a cheap 3COM 4900 - 3C17700 with 4-Port 1000BASE-SX extension but I am not sure if it came with transceivers and if I can allocate one optical port to VLAN - WAN and how much power will use.
    I don't care of POE.

    thank you.

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    D-Link DGS-1100-18 probably. Or maybe a DGS-1100-10P - that's what I have under my desk doing LACP over dual fiber and powering the phones and a Ruckus AP. I would prefer a Brocade ICX6430-C12 but that's probably just me.

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    And what ISP would be handing off the fiber directly too you?  They would put in an ONT most likely..

    So you want a switch you can put sfp into to add fiber connectivity.. You can pickup a cisco SG300 for $125 on amazon NEW… Has 2 combo ports you could add sfp too for fiber.

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    Waiting patiently to have to ask my ISP "Single- or Multi-mode?" Yes an SG300 is a solid choice too.

  • @Derelict:

    Waiting patiently to have to ask my ISP "Single- or Multi-mode?"

    Look at the incomming cable if it's a 9µ it's Single .. But you knew that  ;)

    Re. Fiberswitches.
    If the Cisco SFP's for the 300 are as expensive as for the Catalysts. a HP could be an alternative too.

    They are stable, fanless, gets frequently updates , and uses around 22W.
    But you get a "Basic L2 switch" … No .1x or SNMP write etc.
    As a switch in your "main home patch panel" it would prob. be fine.

    HP 1820-24G (+ 2 SFP ports)



    I noticed you have PoE req's, this is also a neat switch (i see it as a cheap C2960CX-8).
    The HP 2530-8G-Poe+ would be a nice "under the desk" switch too , Fanless , PoE+, serial port , and full CLI  - Ext PSU though.

    But you can get 2 Dlink's for that price (I got one of these, based on your recommendation)


  • Did anyone ever hear of or even used an Edge-corE switch? That's the business division of Accton from which you might know the consumer brand SMC.
    I had an ECS4210-12T switch which is reasonable hardware (8+4 ports) with familiar Cisco-SG-like CLI. Even has an internal PSU, yes! The GUI is lousy though with frames and dividing the 12-port configuration into two pages (10 ports and 2 ports) and still you always have to scroll within the frame. And there's more of such nonsense.

    I really wonder to which markets Edge-corE sells. They even offer SDN with 100GbE L3 switches which I find impressive. That stuff isn't cheap either so who buys that?