Redirect IP to a URL (?)

  • Hi, first of all, Im from Brazil, so, sorry for any mistakes about my English.
    I need a help, for example, if I want to access my router, I need to type "" in my internet browser. I want the things more easy, like, when I type "router" or something like this, redirect to (Sorry if it wasn't clear)

  • Hi,

    Understood  :D
    I'm not typing neither - I set up the name 'pfsense' as a host and 'mynetwork.local' as a domain name.
    Go here to do that : System => General Setup - first and second line.

    Now, when I use a first time "pfsense.mynetwork.local" as an URL, I'll connect just fine to the GUI. Remember : pfSense is doing DNS :)
    A next time, just typing pfsense and my browser will fill in the rest for me.

    Btw : better yet : I can't even use the address as because I use the https access I used to enter the GUI. IP addresses are normally forbidden in that case, and I have to use a host and domain name, which are, of course, part of the certificate.