Notebook - Internet - Home network –> possible?!

  • Hi all,

    I've been surfing the net for a quite long time but still, I haven't found an answer to my question, or to be precise: I found differnet ones…
    Well, here it comes. I have ADSL at home (dynamic IP) and would like to establish a VPN connection with a notebook (dynamic IP, too) using the internet.
    Therefore I have a dyndns account set up ( Now I want to use my notebook to access my homelan from the outside using this dyndns since I cannot know the IP. Is it possible? Which client makes this possible? Any restrictions? Does VPN really need one static IP, isn't a "static" dyndns good enough - that way the client (notebook) "knows" the ip of my pfSensewall, doesn't it?

    Is pfSense set up as a read-only system? Constant writing on a CF destroys it and that I don't want to happen ;-)

    Does a vpn1411 card really do any good? Is it better to have one?

    Thank you for your answers and sorry for my language...


  • In your "roadwarrior" scenario you can either use PPTP, IPSEC or OpenVPN. The easiest to set up is probably PPTP as every Windows has a build in PPTP Client (since w2k).

    You can find a walkthrough at (it's the same for pfSense for these settings).

    IPSEC and OpenVPN needs a client you have to install at your notebook. For IPSEC there are only few free clients (see ) and OpenVPN is even harder to setup as you need to generate certificates and also install client software first. I think what you are looking for is PPTP.

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