NAT congesting

  • Hi, I have a pfsense 2.3.4-p1 installed on my home router. I used to run arcjlinux as the router OS on the board - it is a 1.6ghz broadwell (embedded networking series), x86_64 with 8GBs of RAM. It used to run okay with linux. I saw bootup problems and resolved it by disabling the realtek onboard card and just sticking with the 4xintel pro pcie card. Long story short … Ranromly, the router sort of congests, doesn't let anything thru NAT, then few minutes later it is okay. It causes my phone to reconnect to the wifi all the time cause it thinks the wifi is not working. I cannot find anything in the logs. I want to debug this but don't know how. I'm a BSD and pfSense noob. I make my living automating linux servers in puppet so I know some stuff with Linux. But with this thing I am so lost so far. I installed it mainly because I wanted to learn. So please help me learn. I would post some output but really don't know what since I couldn't find anything relevant.Thanks.

    If anyone's interested, the 4 gigabit NICs are LACP bonded to my switch, that unpacks the VLANs in the LACP trunk, among which there's one VLAN to the internet. So in cisco terminology it would be a router on a stick with inter vlan routing.

    The wifi is a compex 802.11ac routerboard running LEDE and also receiving a trunk (but no internet VLAN).

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    "the 4 gigabit NICs are LACP bonded to my switch"

    That is a very ODD sort of setup for a "home" setup..

    Where are you getting the idea that its a NAT problem?  So your saying pfsense shows no issues with the wan connection?

    "doesn't let anything thru NAT"

    How did you come to this conclusion.. Are you able to access pfsense gui during the problem?  Can you do dns during your problems.  What does the log say during this issue time?

  • I did some manpage reading and debugging. The culprit was snort. Once I uninstalled snort, everything started to work just fine. So I guess I misconfigured that.

    Yeah, well LACP might be a little non-home setup but it's my hobby toy :-)