Search engine logs

  • i've just setup pfsense on Sophos UTM320 (purchased for £25 no hdd though, still a bargain), i think everything is up and running fine but i can't find any info about logging what users are searching for via google and bing etc. Is there anyway to log the search?

    I know sophos utm does it but you have to install certificate, which i don't mind.

  • its called 'man-in-the-middle fuckery' by forging certificates and installing them on your clients.
    It's evil; illegal in some civilised countries.

    that said: search for https + squid

  • And i agree with you 100%. From what i've been told, in the UK with the PREVENT laws, school, colleges etc have to log all user activities, this is the only reason i'm trying to set this up. The authorities could come any time and ask for these logs. So UK is no longer a civilised country.

    I've already created the CA certificate for https and i got logs for the websites users have visited through squid but now I need to find where specifically are the search engine report?

  • no clue howto achieve this in detail, but you probably need to start with some advanced parameters in squid

    strip_query_terms off

    this should give you to full search url (which contains the search-query). There are probably tools that can parse this & provide useful results

  • strip_query_terms off

    Tried the above settings and I didn't get the result I needed. I can see the full address if i go to Squid proxy server / real time but the word/phrase thats been searched and user that searched it needs to be logged.

    Anyone got any suggestions?