Add Cisco Router to pfSense boundary?

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    So I am currently struggling with a decision on whether or not to add a Cisco RV340 to my home networking setup. I am on a short list to get Verizon FIOS 1gbp/s internet and am thus been working towards setting up a network that can handle that sort of throughout. Got the entire building wired up with Cat6e, added Cisco L3 WS-C2960X-24PSQ switch to the core, and am currently stumped on if there would be a latency specific benefit to adding a Cisco router on the WAN side of my pfSense box. I would use the pfSense box for DHCP, Traffic Logging, Firewall, VPN etc, and leave the actual routing functionality to the Cisco router but I am not sure if it would positively impact latency or not. Thoughts?

  • Netgate Administrator

    So run pfSense bridged and do NAT on the Cisco? Or is it all public IPs?

    Either way it seems like you're adding an additional step that I would imagine increasing latency.


  • It seems like the answer to this depends on the relative performance of your pfSense box vs. the RV340 and the cost of upgrading the former vs. purchasing the latter. It's hard to see how combining them would be advantageous unless your pfSense box is significantly underpowered for gigabit (but if that is true it's not going to be very good to use as a firewall)