DHCP on CARP with mutliple VLANs

  • Good Afternoon everybody!

    We managed to get our DHCP Server on VLANS working fine. We also where able to install a stateful-bridge for our DMZ.

    Now things have to get HA-ready and thats where we are faceing our problem:

    We run 2 pfSense Servers in a CARP (configured and working fine!). As outbound NAT we defined a carp vip and for every VLAN hosted by pfSense we also created a carp vip.
    I also followed multiple tutorials to do dhcp over this net, but we still don't receive an IP from our DHCP Server(s).

    If I configure a test-device static with the vlan-carp-vip as gateway and DNS, everything works. But when I try to get an IP from the cluster, it is not working.

    Our Test-Network looks as follows:

    Can anybody imagine what we are doing wrong?
    Thanks for your help and greetings from austria.