Multiple peers for a single phase 1

  • Hi,
    Currently, with my old Cisco device, my customer have a redundant internet access, so we peer with him with its primary IP (ISP1), and we have a "secondary peer" configuration, a different IP (ISP2) probably with different device (but I'm not sure, not my problem), so that if its ISP1 fails we can peer with its secondary peer (and it works).
    I want to do the same with pfsense.
    I know the subject has already been discussed many many times, like here :
    But, I can't understand any clear statement, because Jim Pingle then talks about the LOCAL "secondary WAN", not the REMOTE secondary peer.
    Or here in this topic , Jim says it's not possible, we have to do a dynDNS trick.

    So, is a secondary REMOTE PEER possible? if yes, how? if no, is the dynDNS a valid and unique workaround ?

    Thank you for your time people!