Nat between two site-to-site ipsecs

  • Hello,

    I have two site-to-site ipsec tunnels A-B and B-C. I cannot change B-C tunnel, but I'd like to provide access A -> C - It doesn't have to be other way around. Is such scenario possible in pfsense 2.3.4p1?

    A -
    B -
    C -

    At A I was setting up ipsec with A-C phase 2 and on B C-A phase 2 with nat set to IP) (In B-C only those networks can be set up in phase 2 so what's why I was trying to src nat to that IP).

    At the best point I had " ( ->" entry in state table, but I couldn't see any packages coming back.

    Could you give me any hints please?