New Build VS Virtual setup

  • played with PFSense in a virtual lab environment off and on for about a year.  I have decided to replace my actiontec router from Bell with a PFSense setup.

    • I am wondering if I should stick with my Virtual setup on UnRaid or move to a physical installation?

    • If Physical installation would I be better off with something like the ASRock J3355M - ITX or Asrock J3455B-ITX ?

    The setup will be used to provide 4 computers and 4-5 wireless devices with internet access.  Services to be deployed squid proxy / Guard, DHCP, DNS, maybe some light VPN access down the road.  internet connection at the moment is 300/80 Mbps fiber.

  • If your UnRAID box performs well, might as well stick with that. If for some reason performance isn't what you want it to be, you can always opt for standalone hardware.

  • The only reason I went with dedicated hardware was because I didn't want to bring down my whole net connection when doing maintenance work on my VM server. However, I ran pfsense virtually on a lab subnet and it worked well.

    From the benchmarks on the J3355 I don't see why it wouldn't work well.

  • Yeah I'm a big ESXi person but I'm with shutterBC on this one. I like to keep core network separate for just this reason.

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