Pf Sense Configuration

  • Hai All

    I am a new user in pf sense. i try to configure below mentions option but still is not working.

    Please help me for how to config below mention settings.

    1. How to block https websites

    2. how to config All websites are block and one site is open

    3. All website are allowed in particular IP


  • Netgate Administrator

    1. Like block all https sites? You can do that with a firewall rule blocking port 443 but it will break most of the internet. If you want to filter https sites you will need Squid/Squidguard or do it using DNS filtering with pfBlocker.

    2. Depends on the site. If it has a single fixed IP then you can do that with firewall rules.

    3. You can easily bypass whatever filtering you have for particular internal IPs with another rule or the bypass list in Squid.


  • Thank you for replay.

    I will check and inform.

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