Boot stops at Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf

  • Hi,

    I had m0n0wall successfully running on the same box on CF-IDE adapter. However I need dual WAN so I transfered the pfSense embedded image to the CF and at first it did not want to boot at all. Just a "/" was displayed on the screen. I have enabled the serial port after that and now booting goes to "Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf" then "animates" |-/ and leaves me on "/" with apparently hanged machine.

    Am I missing something or the machine is really frozen. (ctrl-alt-del is not working).

    I will appreciate any suggestions.

  • That's where it switches to serial console.

  • Thank you. That is one of the things I supposed, but really pfSense is running on the only machine having serial ports so I installed from CD. Apparently I made full Uniprocesor install

  • Which is it - did you install embedded to a CF card, or do a full install from a CD?

  • Be sure to check out this thread also,11016.0.html

  • I observer what is posted in the first post with the embeded CF image.

    Afterthat I gave up and installed from CD. It is working now. I hade a differenet issue now, and I have opened a topic in the hardware section.

    Thank you all very much.

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