DHCP - noob question, but I'm stuck :(

  • Hi,

    I have had an NAS on my network for years.  It has always been  Regardless of firmware updates, reboots etc. It's always been that iP.

    However, this weekend, it did a firmware update and Pfsense gave it a new ip. I have so many settings on so many computers (well less than 10!) that are hard coded to find assets on a UNC of .109 that come monday morning I'll be totally goofed up.

    Unfortunately, years ago when I setup my pfsense router I set the range from .10 through .255 so now I'm trying to convince pfsense to give back my nice .109 IP address.  But pfsense as per docs doesn't allow a static map within the dhcp range.  Are there any workarounds?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Change your pool from .10 to .254 I assume because .255 is broadcast address.

    To have 2 pools..

    .10 to .108

    .109 or higher to .254

    The set your nas as static on the nas or set a reservation.

    2nd piece of FREE advice - never ever ever hard code ips into anything.  Why would you not have all your shortcuts/mappings point to nas.yourdomain.tld so now it doesn't matter what IP your nas getgs changed too just simple update of your dns to reflect where nas.yourdomain.tld points too.

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