XG-1541 1U HA - Convention Center Public Gateway

  • I am looking for a high performance replacement gateway for public wired and wireless connections at a max of 8,000 simultaneous users. I use pfSense at a non-profit private school at two sites but nothing at my day job. Love the pfSense product and want to implement it here. We currently use a Nomadix AG5800 to do the job, it worked fine and would go back with another if we had to. My main concern is the ability to provide a DHCP address as fast as possible to get the users on the internet quickly. We have a 1gig primary internet connection and a 100meg secondary connection on a 10gig infrastructure. We also are might look at upgrading our 1gig service up to 10gig in the future. Just want reassurance that this is the product I should be putting in. Really all I need is DHCP, DNS, and NAT. So other products I've looked at are the Nomadix AG5900 and a Cisco ASR 1001x. Help me sell this idea to my management staff.