A strange behavior

  • Sometimes it happens that pfsense does not allow LAN machines to access the internet.
    Restarting pfsense connectivity is restored.
    Resource monitoring has the following behavior at the time of lack of connectivity.
    Any suggestions? thank you

  • That screenshot only shows an idle cpu….

    Pls provide logs

  • thanks,
    what logs should be considered?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I wouldn't say that is idle - there is no data for that window on the processes for example.. Like pfsense was locked up, how could it have no processes running, etc.

    When you restart it - are you having to power cycle it with a switch, remove power turn power on?  Or are you able to access the gui/shell and issue a reboot?

    example - here I just updated mine to the current snap.. And you get the same thing during a reboot.  So your graph doesn't show us anything other than you rebooted it.  If you can access the gui, when nobody has access.. You need to look at the log, and or the status of your gateways, etc.  2nd pic - are they showing offline, high latency, etc.. or do they show green online?

  • How to to view the log of the day? clog don't report!
    But in quality's graph I've found an incremet of delay.
    More, I've found in system.log many of this row:

    Sep 27 11:17:21 pfSense ntopng: 1506503841|1|3|10|Probing or server down: AP13-AulaMagna.localdomain > edge-mqtt-shv-01-mxp1.facebook.com [TCP > [proto: 0/Unknown][9/0 pkts][702/0 bytes][SYN]]

    what it means?
    I've found this quality's graph in monitoring

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