4 carp interfaces yet fw2 is the master for one carp address

  • Hello

    I have two firewalls using carp on 3 interfaces and its been going great. I just added another one for a new ip range were getting and the second firewall that is the backup for the other three interfaces is now the master on that network. I cant find out how to make the first firewall be the master.

    any ideas?

  • Need more info. For a start, can you ping from fw1 to fw2 and back from the new interfaces?

  • Hello

    I think I posted to soon, i discovered that I had a slight misconfiguration in one of the firewalls interfaces settings, it was set as a /24 when it should have been /25 so there for the new subnet I was adding was encompased ino the /24 range.

    I will post back if im still having the issue, I just reconfigured the firewalls and rebooting the backup one

    So far it looks good I can actually route through that network onto the internet now

    Sorry for wasting your time.

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