Multiple VLANs single interface - possible bottlenecking?

  • I have at least 6 VLANs that I will be assigning to a single interface (trunk) on my netgate pfSense box. Traffic in these VLANs will include cam system, domain usage of a dozen or so users, 2 WLANs and some low bandwidth networks.

    Should I be concerned about trunking everything through one firewall interface to a switch? Could there be bottlenecks?

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    Depends on the traffic. If you start to approach maybe 600Mbit/sec (arbitrary and capricious number) sustained on a gigabit port, it might be time to start thinking about splitting that up. Or at least LACP a couple together.

    I would not try to do anything really significant, like putting a bunch of heavy video content editors on one VLAN and the SAN they need on another.

  • There are several interfaces available on the pfSense, but only a single managed switch. How would you partition this? Can I have more than one trunk per switch?

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    It DependsTM;. I cannot answer based on the information given.

    Sure you can have more than one VLAN trunk per switch. Create VLANs A, B, C on igb2 and VLANs X, Y, and Z on igb3. Do the same on the switch and patch appropriately.

  • Thanks. I was curious. How would an LACG be implemented?

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    Depends on the switch.

    On pfSense it is in Interfaces > Assignments, LAGGs