How to connect web server to Verizon FIOS through pdSense firewall

  • Hello,

    Newbie here and not sure I'm in right channel.

    But… I have a Verizon FIOS business account with static IP that delivers Internet, phone, and TV services. I also have pfSense box that I'd like to set up as a firewall and, perhaps proxy server to serve websites from my new ANTSLE private cloud server. But I don't understand how to connect these resources together to preserve FIOS services, safely access the web through ny local network, and safely serve content to the web through ANTSLE.

  • Hi,

    I just visiting forum today and I wanted to get an answer setting up my pfsense box which I will make few days later. I am looking for how I connect fios internet which now connecting with coax cable.

    I don't know you saw one of diagram with explanation;

    In order to open your web server, you have to know your server ip and should be port forward 80 and 443 that server from the firewall setting.

    I didn't setting my pfsense box yet and I have to call verizon for asking switch my internet router coax G1100 to pfsense cat 5 that I know. Once connect internet from verizon then you make dhcp service from pfsense and then you got the ip for server and open, it should be Ok.

    I didn't setting vlan for server and other computers yet but maybe you know better how to separate network for different services.
    I saw few explanations in the youtube with diagram. Good luck to you.

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