How to assign public /29 in lan side as a public static IP ?

  • Hi,

    I used DrayTek before pfsense, my configuration is: i have /29 from my ISP

    X.X.X.48/29 where X.X.X.49 is the gateway,
    lan side:

    I was able on the lan side also assign public static IP from /29, and they worked from lan to wan to outside.

    Is it possible to do the same with pfsense without virtual IP???

    I use pfsense box with 3 network cards

    any idea ?

    Many thanks


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    is your /29 routed to you?

  • yes, i am getting over PPPoE /29

    before I had draytek, and it routed subnet to inside lan, so i could have and X.X.X.48/29 on the lan side

    X.X.X.49 assigned to draytek as my gateway, and rest i could manually assigned to hosts inside LAN or use draytek DMZ / virtual ip equivalent with pf sense.

    but i need to run 1 IP directly on the box and not sure how to do it

    any clues ?



  • If the /29 is properly routed to you and it terminates at your pfSense so to speak you should be able to just use the /29 addresses on the LAN freely. I have no idea why they tell you that the .49 should be the gateway address because in a routed configuration like that you can choose the addresses as you want, from the ISP's point of view it makes no difference which IP is used as the gw address.

    What I would try right now is to assign the .49/29 (just to keep consistent with your previous setup, no other reason) on the LAN interface of pfSense (console menu item 2) and then use the rest of the /29 for LAN hosts either statically or with DHCP. When you have that working you can add an IP alias on the LAN interface with the address (Firewall->Virtual IPs) and assign addresses from the range on your LAN hosts as well.

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    "so i could have and X.X.X.48/29 on the lan side "

    Not sure where your coming up with the 192.168.7 but sure you could use that on our local lan side along with your x.x.x.48/29 just on on the same network.. So 192.168.7 could be your lan, and .48/29 could be on an opt or a vlan..

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