IPCOP / PFSENSE / asterisk 1.6 / NAT / conversion / free beer

  • I'm currently using IPCOP with 3 LAN connection's (green-production / orange-dmz / blue-wireless AP) in a couple of locations connected to a DSL line (PPPoE done in IPCOP or done in the router).

    The most critical part is running a asterisk 1.4 or 1.6 server in the DMZ area.  After a couple of years I have used up all available functionality of iPCOP and I are now looking for a stable replacement with a few more functionalities, being a VPN as the first to be implemented as that would be able to run in an low power appliance.

    It took a long time to get a robust, working asterisk config that was able to negotiate NAT and allow roaming Nokia dual mode SIP phones, internal wifi phones and internal hard phones.

    I have some asterisk debugging skills, already tried a couple of pfsense setups in a VM environment but would seek some advise and best practices on implementing PFsense with asterisk in a DMZ environment.

    I offer free Belgian beers for a HOWTO or other written documentation and code snippets from sip.conf / iax.conf of working asterisk configs behind a 1.21.
    ( The non beer drinking pfsense lady's might substitute the beer for nice Belgian chocolates shipped to your door worldwide )

  • Welcome to the world of BSD!

    There was a thread recently about a Proxy package for pfSense.
    My best bet would be to lurk around there as those guys seem to have the most experience with these protocols and implementations.

    ok, found two threads that might be interesting to you:
    Topic: siproxd, setup and configuration for voip… works great!!!
    Topic: FreeSWITCH package for pfSense 1.2.1 and 1.3 released. PBX or Proxy

    Girls? Are there any around here?
    The one I know in the network business does a hell of a good job but does not communicate much in forums. Pretty straight forward.

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