Dynamic routing

  • Hi guys, I am trying to do a thing that I can't seem to be able to do. I have several local vlans connected to my pfsense router. The router is also connected to a p2p ospf mesh vpn network. Currently, all the local subnets (vlans) go to internet thru the local ipv4 gateway. I am living in the UK but I am from the Czech Republic, in order to watch Czech TV, I have set a static route that routes all traffic going to the TV service's IP address thru my Czech server that does NAT. So I set a gateway and a static route on my pfsense router. That is all nice and everything but I want to do more … I would like to create one local vlan and route all traffic going from that subnet to any public IP address thru my czech gateway instead of my local gateway. How can I do that?

  • Policy routing Will do that. (specifying a gateway on a fwrule)

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