Pfsense to work behind Att GigaPower gateway(Pace5268AC)

  • I got a new setup 2.3.4 release of PFSENSe and I wanted to set up my PFSENSE firewall instead of using their crappy router/gateway. Has anyone been able to get this to work. I used the instructions posted on here from ( by a couple of posters but would not get the pfsense box to even pull an IP address from the Pace modem. I even opened one address ( for the pfsense box but it for some reason is not pulling the address and is the only item plugged into the Pace gateway. I also made sure the the configurations were setup in the pace gateway but it still will not connect. ANy one have any ideas or can point me in the rigth direction please. I really need this firewall setup badly.

  • I've set up an AT&T gateway to use a non-pfsense router but the principal should be the same. The instructions in the link you provided look correct. If your pfSense isn't getting an IP address, are you sure you have the WAN interface set to DHCP?

    The basic approach is:
    -pfSense gets an IP from AT&T gateway (by default should be in subnet I believe)
    -Log in to gateway (
    -go to the port forwarding setup page (whatever it is called) click on the name of your pfSense box then select DMZ+
    -reboot pfSense box and it should have AT&T WAN IP

  • Well I am not sure why its not pulling the IP address as these are the steps i completed. I actually, for the heck of it, reset my gigapower and did a fresh install of the new version of pfsense just to see if that would work and it does. I even set my PFsense box on a friends network to test if it was the NIC or something else that was acting up and the pfsense box connected just fine. Well I will figure something out hopefully. Thanks for your response though @nycfly

  • are other devices able to get an IP address via the Ethernet ports?

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