A second configured WAN doesn't work properly through PfSense

  • Hello,

    First of all I always try to fix things from previous posts but this case seems to be unique.

    I'm struggling to find out where is the problem from this box:

    CASE 1
                                              –- WAN1
    PC1 (LAN) ---- PFSENSE -----|
                                              --- WAN2 (default gateway)

    CASE 2
    PC1 --- WAN2

    So CASE 2 works perfectly, I'm able to connect to everywhere, ICMP, DNS and HTTP(s) protocols works, speed gives reasonable data.

    CASE 1 makes WAN2 to behave strange. ICMP and DNS works everywhere, HTTP(s) and any other kind of data transfer as well as speed test  servers works very slow or doesn't work at all ON SOME SERVERS (50% of randomly chosen hosts from around world), even though, the host can be resolved and it answers via ICMP.

    PFSENSE box is physically installed (NO VMs) and has more than two NICs (that allowed me to test that the PCI-E was not the problem here).

    If WAN1 is set as default gateway works fine (not using WAN2 at all).

    For instance, CASE 1, allows me to connect to speedtest.net, but does not allow me to check download speed (but ping works).

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