Dual GW, picking GW based on Destination

  • Hi,

    I have local lan, pfsense firewall and 2 GWs.

    I am trying to lease 1 GW for specific sites/networks, and keeping the other for the rest internet usage.

    I tried specifying GW in Firewall Rules / Lan Tab, as per rule in advanced options, but it didn't work, all connections are routed through only 1 GW, what can I do to make it work, what is the possible problem ?

    Thank you

  • Not quite enough info there to help you… can you post a screenshot of the rules on your LAN interface?

    Rules are processed in order from top to bottom, so make sure you put any policy-based routing rules ABOVE your last "default" rule otherwise it will never get hit...

    Generally, make sure you leave "source port" blank - 99% of the time source ports are random and you should only be concerned w/ Dest. port.

    Did you change anything on the Firewall > NAT > Outbound page? (you should leave that on 'Automatic' until you understand it fully)