Dual WAN and squid Transparent proxy

  • Hi All

    I'm using PFsense 1.2 Release with Dual WAN and squid Transparent proxy. When I check "Allow users on interface" and  "Transparent proxy" in proxy my connectio n goes slow down mainly the OPT1 connection. However I need to monitor http traffic through transparent proxy. Can any one check my config file below and help me to solve this issue. Alternate ideas are welcome too.

    Thanks in advance!



  • squid is using only the default gateway of you system (in most cases the wan interface)
    that means you can not use proxyserver services and loadbalancing of http traffic on the same maschine.

    you can use two computers with pfsense one as loadbalancer and one as proxyserver

  • Thanks  for the reply - but this is not clear to me. Can any one tell me this is true ?
    Can't I use  the LAN interface as Squid checkpoint and use Proxy in the same PC with loadbalancing.

    any ideas?


  • i think what is meant is u must use external proxy (bridge proxy is prefered)
    coz, transparant proxy only trap the default GW port 80 that is wan1 as default
    if u want to make the wan 2 workout, than u have to split proxy engine and routing engine

    btw, the benefit of using this way is your system will be more light.

    forgive me with my bad english

  • Thanks so much for your reply - I will continue with a separate server for proxy


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