Solved: Best way to add a second SSD for squid storage?

  • I'm planning to use an installed second SSD for squid caching.  I've never installed squid and but plan to in a few weeks after I tweak the firewall settings.

    Like an idiot, I didn't configure\format the drive when I installed pfSense 2.4.  I'm too far into configuration to want to redo it.  The current configuration is two SSD's with ZFS mirrored configuration and the third SSD that's installed but in factory default configuration.

    I'd like to use ZFS without mirroring with sole purpose of squid caching ideally so it can easily be pointed to when I setup squid.

    What's the cleanest way to get it formatted and added to the filesystem?  Having never installed squid, where would I mount it within the filesystem for caching purposes?

    Some pointers, a guide, or recommendations would be awesome.


  • I probably should have researched more, but here is a link to what I ended up doing: