Long Time Traffic Monitoring / Collection on PfSense

  • Hi,

    I am currently setting up a environment with pfsense as firewall and I need a solution in terms of Traffic Monitoring. What I want to archive, is to monitor Traffic flown through PfSense for each Host and save this data to a different server. It should be kept there for a time peroide of 3-12 Months. Is there a solution how to monitor the traffic and get statistics, like Host uploaded 10M and Downloaded 100 M .
    I have looked into ntopng, which looked quite promising, but is loosing data, when the service is restarted, pfSense is shutdowned and the slave takes over etc.
    And I do not see a feature to store the Data to a diffrent server. I do not want to store all this stuff on PfSense itself, because it has only limited space and it is better to manage the data on a different Server.

    Is there an solution for pfSense and long Time Traffic Monitoring?
    nprobe looked like the thing I need, but I didnt find any working package with pfSense.

    But maybe you know a better monitoring solution

    Thanks for your help


  • We use prtg, there is a free version but i do not know if it contains the needed functions.
    I think it was called netflow, this is a package.

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