Squidguard - manually rebuild databases

  • I'm using pfsense 1.2.1 with squid 2.6.21_07, squidguard 1.3-1 and the shallalist. In the directory /var/db/squidguard I can see the config files for each destination. My own destination 'test' has got a domains and a domains.db file.

    When I want to modify these files directly (without using the GUI), I have to do this in the file domains. Next I have to rebuild the databases. According to the documentation on squidguard.org I have to type the next commands in the shell:

    squidguard -C all
    chown -R <squiduser>/var/db/squidguard/*
    Where <squiduser>should me my 'squid uid'

    I can't get this chown -R command get to work. What is my squiduser name? How can I find out? I tried to insert the IP-adress of the pfsense (chown -R 192.168.xx.1 /var/db/squidguard), but this didn't help. Error message: chown: No match. Done.

    Does anyone know the right method to update the databases in te shell? Thanks in advance!</squiduser></squiduser>

  • Why do you want to do this? It is more sensible to do it with the web interface as all your modifications will be saved in the config file.

  • You're right, thats easier. But when I want to add a lot of sites and for example distribute them, for example to a new install, the manual way could work better.

  • No. You are much better off, when you do it over the web interface. Because you can then easily backup your config and copy paste it to the configs of your other pfSense boxes.

  • If you want to add really many sites, why don't you download your latest config.xml and manually add all the sites and then restore your pfsense box?

  • Thank for your answer. Think you mean the squidguard_conf.xml in usr/local/etc/squidguard? I've opened it. As far as I can see, it's just putting the domains between the right lines. Have to admit, that looks a lot easier indeed! After your solution I added a domain. This had no direct effect, so I saved an applied in the general settings tab of squidguard. As soon as I save, the new added domain dissapeares out of this squidquard_conf.xml. Do I use the wrong file?

  • I was thinking about the config.xml file that you can get from a backup of your configs. You can also find it under /config/… The reason for changing that is that with every reboot, pfSense will load the configurations from this file into the system. So, just backup your pfSense and open and modify the file. Then, restore the config to your box and everything should be up and running.

  • Think you mean the squidguard_conf.xml in usr/local/etc/squidguard?

    Information file for debug.

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