How to install a backup without GUI?

  • I can't install my backup. I did a factory defaults reset and everything I do I get the same thing on my GUI that says syntax error online blah blah. Is there a way to install my backup from a command line on  :'(my console?

  • Replace the config.xml file with your backed up one and reboot right after it.
    This is a pretty gore method of restoring. Results are not guaranteed as the config.xml file is often been rewritten by pfSense.

    But, instead of mentioning "blah blah", why not copying really what it printed ?
    If, for example, one of the PHP files is damaged, then the error will persists - whatever you do.

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  • This is the easiest and best way way to reinstall. You just need 2 usb pen drives. Takes literally 3 minutes to do.

  • I can not do a resoration for some reason. I am trying to a clean install and I am confused. I boot off of the flashdrive and the console pulls up and  will only allow me to use the option for  a shell. what is the command line for installation of pfsense?
    It says from a live cd you will have to exit to a live cd prompt and install it manually, using the file /README as a guide???

  • Use the memstick installer. 1x usb pen drive for the install, and another usb pendrive with config.xml on it.

  • None of the ways suggested work. Its a 32bit system and i'm using the old 32bit image on flash drives and it tells me not enough memory to decompress? I'm baffled w
    So I guess my backup is no good? When I boot off the live cd it gives the option to rescue config.xml and it says cancelled with a return code of 1.

  • I'm up and running!!! I realized after a Youtube video that I needed to use Rufus not Unebootin for my ISO to work properly. I just want to say thanks for everyones help. ;D

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