3 WAN Load-Balancing

  • Dear PfSense Users.

    Did any one have knowledge why 3 WAN not supporting Load-Balancing ?

  • Dear all,

    I have the same question ! I have a three (3) WAN setup (ADSL/DHCP interfaces). I've spent the last week trying to make load balancing work, combining all 3 WAN's, reading countless posts - which basically describe the same procedure - but no luck.

    Is there a reason that the 3 WAn setup would not work with load balancing ?

    Happy to provide more info if necessary …



  • Neither of you define your issue.
    'not working' is a little vague

  • you need unique gateways

  • Netgate

    The last time it came up that Multi-WAN load balancing "doesn't work" I did these tests.

    Conclusion: Yes, it does.


  • one thing I have noticed is that the first TWO WAN links are going to UP while the third one is not participating in the load-balancing. I think PfSense supporting only 2 WAN at the same time.

    what do you think ??

  • Dear I have configured unique gateways but the third WAN is not going to active for Traffic…...........  I tried to remove and re-installed & configured but the problem is still the same is that first TWO WAN take the traffic for outside while the last one ( Third WAN ) is not going to active for Internet Traffic.
    I think , I think Pfsense not supporting  3-WAN Internet Traffic at the same time or 3 WAN Load-Balancing

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  • Netgate

    You are ignoring the evidence in the other thread that pfSense obviously has no problem supporting multiple, load-balanced, WAN links.

  • Well u were right obviously. I've managed to make it work after all, doing it he hard way by restoring factory defaults and rebuilding everything from scratch. It must have been something conflicting from the all the changes I did to the configuration by trying to make it work using PPoE on all three DSL modems, which I understand does not play well with load balancing.