Suddenly Some computers cannot connect to interne

  • I have a pc based pfsense 2.3.4 which I used in  in the school. MY pfsense is very working for almost a year when suddenly some of computer cannot  to  the internet. It is very weird since pfsense doesnt show any error on ths screen, The problem is how can I fnd the problem since the pfsense is very working and suddlenly 20 % only can connect to Interne but not all. Ive reinstalled the pfsens but it still fail. hope you can solve me on thsi problem

  • Without details ?
    Like : do your PC's that don't work obtain an IP (given en by pfSense) ?
    At the same time, what are the (DHCP) logs showing ?
    Cables ans switches are ok ?
    General settings ? Network layout ?

    What packages ?

    etc etc.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I would probably start looking in the DHCP logs. Phrases like "no free leases" are bad news.

    Other than that you will need to employ some basic network troubleshooting steps to determine where the failure is.

  • drop down to the bottom of status–>dhcp leases

    check the # of leases in use & verify how many you have available

  • Are all affected PCs on the same switch?  Could be a dead/unplugged switch and not pfSense at all…  Need more details!

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