Show the Number of Active LAN Clients

  • Is there anywhere in PFsense that will show me the number of clients on my network?  I can hand count them from DHCP leases, but wondered if there is a summary somewhere.  I was thinking maybe there is a command line that will return the the number.



  • The ARP table has a list of static & dynamic clients that have been seen recently, but it's not guaranteed to be complete list at any given moment in time, and there is no total.

    Diagnostics - ARP Table

  • Use nmap (on "something")

    nmap -sP <ip-net>/ <netmask>Ie. nmap


  • Internal:

    • The ARP table as named above
    • Squid & SARG perhaps


    • CentOS and NAGIOS2
    • TclMon on an APU, NUC or other small device
    • On a small external device such the RaspBerry PI or the netgate MinnowBoard Turbot series and a Linux or FreeBSD
      OS on it with CACTI and MRTG.

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