Kernel: arpresolve: can not allocate llinfo for

  • Hi
    I've been building pfSense boxes for a few years now and have had a quite awesome experience until two days ago, I built a compact router on this hardware:

    Gigabyte N3150N D3V
    8Gb RAM
    120 Gb SSD

    And everyting seemed to work fine the first 30-45 min after that, all hell broke lose! For about evety 15 minutes the pfSense box becomes unavailable from the network and the internet dies. Only a hard reset (pulling the plug) will end this hell. When the pfsense box then boots up evetything works for about 15min then the story repeats.

    The only thing I've been able to pull out of the logs are about 30-60 lines of the same arpresolve error:
    kernel: arpresolve: can not allocate llinfo for

    The IP-address ( is the gateway for the ISP.

    I've been searching the internet for the last 2 days and tried a lot of diferent connfigurations but with the same results.
    Any ideas?


  • You didn't say what version of pfSense, but right off the bat I suspect the problem is those Realtek NICs.

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