Can't route IPv6

  • I'm pretty new to pfsense. I have one machine up and running at home just fine with IPv4 and IPv6, no problem. It's at work that I'm running into some hassles.

    Our ISP gave us a /48 that is routed to our gateway. They (ISP) also set up a /126 on the WAN side of things. Currently it looks like this:

    2607:xxxx:2::/48 is what they gave us.

    2607:xxxx:1::5  ISP gateway

    2607:xxxx:1::6  Existing FreeBSD router, full IPv6 connectivity behind it, hands out addresses from a /64, everything works fine. Hands out addresses from 2607:xxxx:2:1::1/64

    2607:xxxx:1::7  Another FreeBSD box I'm just playing around with, everything works fine on the IPv6 side behind it as well. Hands out addresses from 2607:xxxx:2:2::1/64

    2607:xxxx:1::4  pfsense box I can't quite get to work right. Hands out addresses from 2607:xxxx:2:3::1/64

    Th pfsense machine will hand out IPv6 addresses just fine from the proper pool. Internally I can ping 2607:xxxx:1::4 (the pfsense box) just fine but NOTHING else. Can't ping any of the other /126 addresses.

    The pfsense box itself can ping anything I ask it to in the IPv6 world.

    So - pfsense is handing out appropriate addresses, but those addresses cannot reach "the world." They can only reach the WAN side of the pfsense box.

    Any idea what I'm missing?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That doesn't make a lot of sense.


    2607:xxxx:1::4 - 2607:xxxx:1::7

    But upstream is routing the /48 to one of those. I don't know how you have two nodes with 2607:xxxx:1::/126 addresses on them with 2607:xxxx:2::/48 behind them.

  • D'oh! I bet you're right. My stupid mistake!

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